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In the others category, you will find anything and everything that the fixed categories do not cover. Whereas in the various categories, we have gathered all the magazines that feature for specifically that category, we all know there are thousands of magazines that gets published each month, which understandably cannot all fir in the same categories, and the category list cannot be limitless here. With that in mind, we have created the others category.

Here you will find topics such as:

  1. Farming
  2. Horoscope
  3. Crime and Detective
  4. Philosophy
  5. Literature
  6. Shop Talk
  7. Ecology

The topics are definitely not cemented to only these though, if you find yourself looking for something that doesn’t fit in any of the normal categories, be sure to check here because you will find at least one magazines featuring the things you are looking for.

Farming, Nature and Ecology, Crime, Philosophy and Many More

Farming is not just important for the farmers but for our economy too. Without the existence of farmers, we simply would not have food to eat. Farming can be very beneficial for the human body too, as it can be used a form of exercise. Working on farms and knowing the ins and outs of agriculture can be taken as a form of art too. From planting the seeds to turning them into fruit giving plants, it takes some serious skills. Magazines about all things farming can found right in this category.

Learn about what is happening in the world of crime, and how the police and detectives handle it daily with our magazines. With inside stories, criminal point of view and criminal psychology, you can get a lot of information right from this category. Ecology essentially shows the populace development, communication of living beings with actual climate, beginning of organic variety and furthermore shows the opposition between the species. It additionally shows the existence measures, variations, development of materials through living networks, and successional improvement of environments. For all those out there who wants to learn all things ecology and nature, this is the perfect magazine category for them. Browse through and find the best PDF magazine for you.

Hop in On the Marvelous Journey of PDF Magazines

We have everything from criminal and detective world to ecology, critique reviews, astrology and horoscope and many more. Any subject you can think of which are not in the main categories will be found right here. Just because there is not a specific category for something does not mean you won’t be able a magazine related to that here. You just need to look in our others category, and viola, its right here. So, settle down and enjoy our unlimited collection of PDF magazines. Read articles about versatile topics from creative thinking to farming, camping, philosophy, languages, crime, and so on. Download the latest issues of magazines from this category and enjoy reading.

Other’s is a category for all those magazines that don’t really fit into nay of the rest of the categories. But just because they didn’t fit doesn’t mean we are going to leave them behind, thus the “Other” category was born. Magazines such as The Big issue, Country Smallholding, Crimson Plus, Variety and Corporate Knights can be found spread around this category. A mix and match of everything.