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Fictional works is the imagination of the authors mind. Starting from realistic to fantastical, anything that the author can come up with that has not happened in the real world is known as fiction. Fiction is not written for the purpose of learning, but for the purpose of enjoying it. You can find magazines on books that varies from one author to another, starting with real life scenarios including romance or adventures, it can be historical fiction or fantasy or even science fiction.
There are many more genres too, such as:

  1. Horror
  2. Crime
  3. Inspirational
  4. Western

Journey Through a Book

Each book genre is unique in their own their way, having branches of their own, creating for a vast array of fictional works for every reader's preference. Fiction is something that takes us right inside the imaginary world the author created, it gives a break from the outside world for the time being we're reading the book; a good book teaches us about growth and positivity and that hard work can pay off in the end.

Stories take us on a journey through the author's imaginary world, may it be fantastical or realistic. In that world, in the general sense of any book, the author portrays the picture of how the characters face one trouble after another in reaching their goals and yet successfully does so in the end.

The Importance of Books

A research published on the book series called “Harry Potter” on the “Journal of Applied Social Psychology 2015”, shows that students reading the book series started showing attitude changes about common prejudices that were around the school socially. To learn all this great news about books and also to keep up with all the latest and understand the world of books better, be sure to check out our magazines. We all know that a brain cannot function 24/7 without taking breaks, and sometimes even sleep is not sufficient. Fiction is the best way to reduce mental stress and immerse into another world for a few hours.

Power of Books

Fiction not only broadens the mind and gives us a much needed reality check, it also provides a place to find relief in the harsh reality of life. Reading a book for a few hours can get you away from any real life troubles you might be facing and give you a few hours to calm your mind and tackle the situation with new energy and attitude.

Books also has the power to improve social standards by giving the readers a view of a better society and help people understand the negative side of societies with the portrayal of the negativity that festers the fictional world's society. This has the power to break social barriers and in turn make the world a better place. Books are also a massive source of knowledge, there are hardly anything one cannot learn with the help of a good book. With just a few clicks you can figure out to navigate the big world of books easily. Browse through our category of Books magazines and keep yourself updated with book reviews, upcoming publications and recommendations, author's interviews and a lot more. Click Now to download free PDF.

Know all about the latest books and the old ones too with our vast collection. It contains all the categories you need and some you might not even know you needed. Starting from classics such as Sherlock Holmes and 1966 versions of Rationalists Annual, you will find any and every book related information among these magazines.