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Although most people think of Henry Ford as the father of automobiles, most historians believe that modern cars were born in the 19th century, and some trial-and-error designs before that led to what we think of as cars today. European engineers began testing motor vehicles Starting from the late 1700s. Both steam combustion and electric motors have been tried in the mid-1800s, but have not yet been mastered. But, since then the world of automated vehicles has come a long way. From muscle cars to dirt bikes, one can never have too many vehicles in their collection. From the ancient history of automobiles to the latest cars and bikes, every information and news available can be found under our cars and motorcycles category. With just a few clicks, you can be the proud owners of hundreds of magazines that will stay in your collection forever.

History of Automobiles

The history of the car is long and arduous. From the first self-propelled road vehicle manufactured in the 1790s to today’s modern road machinery, this road has not been very easy for cars. Many people laughed at the concept of cars. When the car was first mass-produced, you would have had to hear the phrase "get a horse". Even after experiencing these conditions and hostilities, the automobile companies had overcome these difficulties and has become one of the most important inventions in history. If you are looking to do research on the history of cars and invention of automobiles, you can check out our variety of magazines that will surely have everything you need.

In the 1920s, this was a competition between Ford and General Motors. They were the main manufacturers of cars at the time. By 1937, General Motors produced approximately 35% of the world's cars. The design changed a lot in the 1920s. The body lines became more beautiful, and closed cars became popular. During this period, the engine became more powerful and quieter, and many other improvements appeared. During the Second World War, the production of civilian cars almost ceased because these factories were used for military supplies.

Latest Cars and Bikes

After the World War II, more improvements were made to automobiles and foreign cars became more popular Modern cars came to be invented pretty soon after that. Today, 41 million cars are produced every year, of which one-third are from the United States. Although the automotive industry has gone through all these problems, the good news is that it has indeed survived the difficulties. Find all this great historical news and the journey of how modern cars came to be with our magazines.

For the Fans

Get ready to find all the latest and classic news about the world of automobile in PDF format. We have something for everyone, no matter if you are looking for muscle cars, race cars, two seaters, or Rolls Royce. If you are an automobile fan, you are definitely in the right place. Download latest issues of cars and motorcycles magazines to read about modern and vintage vehicles, reviews about various models, pricing details, and much more. Click to get free PDF journals.

In every group there is someone who has all the latest news on some muscle bike or super car, the up and coming races and all the stats for it. This is a perfect place for all those car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Along with all the latest information on cars and bike, both classic and new, as well as races, gossips and of course the mechanics of it all, everything is gathered right here.